Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Andy Burgess

1. Villa Heyrovsky by architect Lois Welzenbacher (in Zell am Zee/ Austria).

2. Pool House Study.

3. The Kaufman House, Palm Springs.

4. Modern House, Brazil I.

5.  LA Modern.

6. Modernist House Brazil, (study).

7.  Sinatra House Study.


Arthur Zelger ‘Innsbruck Tyrol Austria, Vintage Brochure’.

Arthur Zelger Innsbruck Tyrol Austria, Vintage Brochure’.


Another blast from the past… 'Puffy Vintage 70's Outer Space Stickers'.


Vintage Lip Lickers Flavoured Lip Gloss 1970’s/80’s.

Now, who remembers those? They were fab, tasted fab, fab packaging & fab long lasting. Those were the days.